Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Little Test

Not quite an actual release...

Uh, yeah. This is Hanayamata. I'm sure at least some of you have heard about it. It's not a full chapter or anything, just nine pages from the tail end of Chapter 13.

So, if you were not aware, Innocent actually ends with volume three. Afterwards, the story continues in the sequel "Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Innocents." Yes, that is a very lazy title change. Anyways, I was thinking of trying something a little bit different with the raws there, which would in theory make their quality a little bit more stable and be easier to fix up than the ones I was planning on using. Wasn't sure if I was overlooking something that would make them look really bad, though, so I decided to try it out.

...And since the thing I had easiest access to at that time was Hanayamata volume 2, decided to go with that. I picked this part because it looked the easiest to typeset it's actually a pretty nice moment. About the end of episode four of the anime, if you were wondering.

Anyways, please leave feedback on this in the comments. It doesn't need to be anything big, just "I would be fine if things were around this level." or "This is unreadable, take it out of my sight!"

Also, no, this does not mean I'm going to be picking up Hanayamata. In the future, maybe, if it's still dead, but I at least want to get through the rest of Innocent volume three first before even thinking about it.


  1. Not entirely sure what you where trying to test, but I didn't find anything disagreeable with this test, so I guess "I would be fine if things were around this level."

    I liked the Hanayamata anime, but I would vote for continuing with Innocents after Innocent volume 3 if at all possible. (yeah that is pretty lazy, why did they cut there anyways?)

    As always, thank you very much for your work on this lovely series. You have this Nanoha fans eternal gratitude :D

  2. Thank you for all the effort you're putting in improving the quality of your releases!
    The main issue here seems to be that it's practically impossible to find high quality raws around, so there isn't much you can do about it. I noticed that Innocent raws are a too blurry, maybe you can fix that with a bit of levelling? On the typesetting side, it would be cool if you could also translate the stuff that appears on panel, like sfx for example.

  3. Well, it looks fine to me, but I'm not much of a judge of quality.

  4. I see no problem. Feel free to picking up hanayamata, but please prioritize innocent.