Sunday, September 23, 2018

Tomozaki Chapter 9

Fell behind for the first time...

Been kind of busy lately, so this chapter was rushed out. (As I'm sure you can clearly tell) Probably not going to get much better soon, so I'm actually looking for people willing to help out with cleaning/typesetting and whatnot. Please message me if you're interested.

Next time: We actually finish volume one.

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  1. you're doing god's work my man, thanks for the chapter

  2. I like this manga a lot, a shame you can't post them faster but what matters is your health and private life! I hope some people will join you to help, I would if I didn't have a hellish timetable
    Keep up the good work mate, love ya

  3. The DDL is buried deep
    but Shift-Tab
    is your friend.

    And thanks for the chapter!

  4. I've been engrossed into this series but can't find any summaries or in depth discussion of the volumes. Thank you for the chapter, god bless!