Sunday, July 28, 2019

Tomozaki Chapter 11

It actually exists! As you can see, this chapter is both short and mostly recap, which was why I really didn't want to bother doing it for so long. (It wasn't even included in the second manga book.) But since they announced that the manga was starting back up next month to cover volume two of the light novel, and this does technically include the first part of that, I figured I should actually get it done.

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  1. Thank you for the translation, what a wonderful news we have here, when LN english fan translator decide to end they work, i think there's not gonna be any jaku-chara, i'm so happy to be wrong, i hope jaku chara will get the anime adaptation, jaku chara deserve the anime adaptation, what a day to be alive am i right ?

    I came from mangarock if you wonder, good thing they left a credit

  2. Will you continue to translate the manga?

  3. Thanks for the translation, manga didnt
    caught up get with novel translation but grenat world so far. Hope u keep the good job.