Saturday, November 7, 2015

Scar...let... Ammo?

A new chapter, right here!

Hold on, that isn't Nanoha!

So, errr, this is Hidan no Aria, the actual. Innocents was giving me a headache due to a certain blue-haired girl and mistaken genders, and I was legitimately getting frustrated. So I decided to watch anime. So I ended up watching Aria AA. So I remembered that I used to really like this series. So I attempted to jump on the temporary popularity bump decided to try this out.

This is chapter 45, the start of volume nine. You may not that is not actually from where the other scanlation efforts stopped. This starts right about the end of the anime. So go watch that if you're lost.

Yeah. I doubt this will ever get close to the Japanese release, both because there are a lot of chapters between there and here, and because I have no idea how long this reignition of interest is going to last.

If you want to leave comments/feedback/hate because this isn't Nanoha, go ahead and do so below.


  1. thanks you for translating this manga again, do you think you will translate from 32 to 45 or start from 45 to the latest ? :)

  2. you will translate chapters 32-44?

  3. Thanks for the release, but like others I really wish you had started from where the other scanlated chapters had stopped.

  4. Thanks for the chap, hope you keep at it

  5. Please carry on translating this manga because we all love this.

    1. I must register my opposing vote for more blue-haired girl who has been insufficiently supplied with gendered personal pronouns.

  6. thank you verymuch for translating this serie