Friday, January 8, 2016

Hidan no Aria Chapter 46

And it only took forever!

Slowly moving along the series. Very slowly.

Not much to really say about this chapter, it's mostly just setting up for later events. Still, it's important, so don't skip it!

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  1. Thanks for the new release, although I still wish you would come out with the previous chapters instead of jumping ahead like this. At this point I'm just downloading them to have on hand as I'm the type who likes to read everything in order.

  2. If u are going to translate manga u should follow the chapter order instead of skipping 13 chapters then releasing the next chapter after 2 months. If u can't follow a simple order then dont begin translating a series u cant handle. Moron.

  3. ignore them. thanks dude the rest of us appreciate your doing this. i sure someone will take care of the missing chapters eventually.

  4. Personally I'm more than happy with you picking up the HnA manga at this point, given we still have no idea if Protect AA will include a second season -__-

    Also some things transition better in manga than the novels, like Jeanne-art :3

    Keep up the good work with HnA and INNOCENTS! Riko is cheering you on.