Saturday, December 19, 2015

Nanoha Innocents Chapter 3

Halfway through the volume!

In today's chapter of "Why Subaru, Why" I end up with some slightly awkward sounding sentences in an attempt to avoid the problems that come from not using the right pronoun. Once again, more details to come after this whole issue is over with. Let me know if it really stands out as much as I think it does.

Despite the opening comment, this is not really halfway through the volume, considering that Chapter two was especially short. But putting it that way lets me pretend that progress has been made in this hopeless attempt to catch up.

Wrapping up, let me remind you to leave all your feedback below.

(Also, yes. Tia. Not Tea.)


  1. pg 15 "hit and away" sounds weird, wouldnt "hit and run" sound better?