Friday, April 1, 2016

Nanoha Innocent Extra 02

Yes. Without the "S."

Does anybody remember Nanoha Innocent? That series that finished forever ago? Well, there was one last part of it that wasn't translated yet, so I decided to go finish that up. Somehow, after a million years, all three volumes are completed!

It's rather short, but this extra chapter is kind of amusing. It focuses on the Yagami group, which is nice, since they're really not featured that much in the series until INNOCENTS Volume 2 (unsubtle hint to look forward to that).

Anyways, leave your comments below.

(It took a great struggle with myself to not name this post "Innocent Volume 2 Complete" and see who was disappointed because they assumed the S was there.)


  1. pg 09, "Today, I'm went in with Signum." (should be "I went" not "I'm went".)

  2. Aren't you gonna put this up on batato?

  3. Ah, so all the animals in the setting can talk; I'd been wondering if it was unusual.

  4. All animals in the world talk. Okay then.

  5. Must be nice to eat meat there :/