Saturday, October 15, 2016

Nanoha Innocents Chapter 9

Fastest release in, like, over half a year!

All the text bubbles in this chapter seemed to shrink halfway through. It was somewhat strange. There was one troublesome page that I had a bit of trouble getting the text right on, but it wasn't that big a deal. Well, at least to my meager abilities. More experienced people probably have something to critique (if you do, please point it out!)

One more chapter until that happens! (And three until it actually means something!)

If you're wondering about Hidan no Aria, it's still being worked on... slowly. Very slowly.

Please leave all rage and other comments below.

Whoops: Published a bit earier with some older versions of the pages. Should be okay now.


  1. in pg 8, what does Zafira says? it is untranslated.

    1. I believe it is along the line of "I scared her..."

  2. Thanks a lot for the hard work.

  3. I shall post my rage, on the fact that you don't get more recognition for doing this, rawr