Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nanoha Innocents Chapter 10

Okay, I think this has taken long enough. The window to take advantage of Vivid Strike's attention bump is fading.

Download Link (MEGA)

Finally got around to setting up links to download from MEGA, hah. I'll try to get everything on there as soon as I can.

If anybody remembers my brief mentions about *spoilers* in the chapter 8 release post, this is what I was refering to. Most EN communities I found had a small excerpt from this chapter in there. I haven't seen much going on about what happens afterwards, though, so look forward to it!

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  1. Thanks!
    That last page indeed. The role of Load Dearche & co. in Innocent(S) has started to kinda get on my nerves in the last few chapters (taking too much stage from the supposedly main/titular characters like in some fanfiction), but I was always curious about how is the appearance of these two explained and what is with their magic and stuff.
    So I hope it gets better.

  2. In pg 17, Levi says "We akcie...", is Levi trying to say "accede" but she screw up?

    also, pg 29 seems to have an empty speech bubble (?)

  3. Aren't the Numbers' new names just their number in Japanese instead of Italian?

  4. I read it on bato but that SCI-FI house. What a cliffhanging ending.

  5. Beutiful as always, that last page even made me tear up a litle.

  6. for comment page
    一 Ichi means one same as UNO
    二 Ni means two same as DUE
    三つ Mitsu means three same as TRE
    四 Yon or Shi means four same as QUATTRO
    七 Nana means seven same as SETTE