Saturday, April 15, 2017

Nanoha Innocents Chapter 13

In which we wonder who exactly the protagonists of this series are.

It's rather short this time, for better or for worse. No mediafire link this time, for various reasons.

Only four more chapters left. Leave comments below!


  1. wait, there is an error in pg 09 that is bottering me, "The mystery pair that's invading the in the area!"... "the in the area" part is missing something!

  2. Thanks! That was quick...

  3. The protagonists were always the Materials. The author likes them most and reserves them the coolest parts/spots. They are the sempais in this.

    If you were ever in doubt, look into chapter 9 of InnocentS, page 16 ;) Poor Nanoha and Fate got MarySue-ed to the sidelines in this series.

  4. My only complaint about this series as a whole is that what with everyone being alive and plot-relevant at the same time, it tends to get -very- crowded. Just from INNOCENT, we have NanoFate and friends (including her sister), the Materials, Hayate and the Wolkenritter (plus Reinforce), the side characters from the labs... and with INNOCENTS adding the Numbers and Star team, that's already 15 new main characters to fit in a narrow space. Not to mention parents, family members...

    Anyway, we could've at least skipped the Vivids.